John Wind Maximal Art Goldtone Watch
I love the look of John Wind Maximal Art vintage pieces. This watch is so delicate and feminine- like something your dear old auntie might have worn. I'm thrilled to find this one for just a dollar plus cost of a new battery.
Great weather and another fun day finding treasures! 
I sew, so when I came upon these beautiful Easter egg colored wooden spools, I scooped them up for a dollar. I won't sew with them, but they're pretty to look at and make me feel nostalgic. 

I liked this black Kathy Van Zeeland handbag. I don't think it's ever been worn. For just $2.00, I can put it in my closet for the fall (I switch handbags a lot!) 

I bought three pairs of sterling earrings (one pair didn't photograph well) for a dollar each. These are great for casual, every day wear (I lose earrings easily, and can't be trusted with an expensive pair). 

The downy soft turquoise colored scarf is all cashmere. My office can feel as cold as an igloo, so it's nice to have plenty of warm scarves that coordinate with my outfits. 

The red bowl is part of a really large collapsible bakeware set (15 pieces!). These are so cool! All the items in the set, including cake pans, loaf pans, muffin pans, two bowls, a colander etc., easily fold flat so that they take up just a fraction of the space of regular bakeware. I was able to get rid of a boxful of metal baking items and replace them with these. I looked up the brand, "Technique" and found that they are sold on QVC. Silicone is great since it's non-stick and easy to clean. I love that this set ($10) has so many items but still takes up so little room! 

I also found a stunning tartan plaid Pendelton stadium blanket. I used to have a wonderful blanket that I kept in the car - until my son borrowed and lost it! I always wanted a Pendelton for myself (my hubby and I often give  Pendelton blankets as gifts since they're great for any occasion, any age, man or woman). This plaid is exactly the pattern I would have purchased had I bought it from the store. 

I enjoy wearing perfume, but I it's not the sort of thing I enjoy spending money on (I don't even like it as a gift from my husband since it just gets used up anyway!) I found a brand new Realities perfume gift set (marked $60) for $8.00, which included a large bottle of the eau de parfum. I hadn't tried this one in the past, but it really smells wonderful! (I don't think of Liz Claiborne as "high end" but the company makes some nice fragrances). Also, I found a bottle of one of my old favorites, Elizabeth Arden "5th Avenue" (still in the cellophane wrapper) for $2.00. Now I'm all set for perfume! 

The book with easy patterns and instructions titled Designer Style Handbags was just a dollar.

Mother's day is coming up, so I treated myself to a vintage Mother's Day covered basket from Longaberger. I swear that I am not into "cutesy" country decor - and this is definitely of that genre. I bought it because it has the sewing basket inserts and I thought it would come in hand around the sewing table. I don't know much about the prices of Longaberger baskets, but I paid $20 for it. 

The bold print vinyl knitting bag is perfect for travel - it's new with tags and only cost a couple of dollars. Love the pattern.

The pitcher is beautiful and well made. My son can use this as a gift for one of the volunteer speakers at the conference he'll be holding over the summer. Since his non-profit can't afford expensive "thank you" gifts, a lovely piece of nicely crafted pottery is a great way for him to show his appreciation.
It looks small in my photo - but it's actually fairly substantial and just the right size to fit above the desk in my kitchen!
"How was opening day?" That's the text message my husband sent to me on a warm Monday morning in April. He wasn't talking about baseball - he was referring to the first official day of "yard sale season." He had been out of town for a few days and missed having the chance to see what I brought home (or dragged home, as he sometimes puts it!) I sent him a text  to let him know that there would be some work waiting for him when he came home; I had purchased a beautiful  greenish-grayish-blue wall cabinet. It was  exactly what I'd been looking for.

Our home was built about 10 years ago. The kitchen comes with a handy desk area - but above the desk there are no cabinets. Instead,  there's an electrical outlet, a phone outlet, a Bose home music system switch and a light switch. That's four electrical plates smattered haphazardly over a small stretch of wall. It's an eyesore (shame on you Toll Brothers!). I've always figured the best way to deal with this would be to hind the mess behind a wall cabinet that contrasted nicely with our existing cherry cabinets. I had priced a custom one once from a wonderful carpenter who custom built my office furniture. What I wanted would have cost about $500 or so, but I never actually went ahead and ordered it. And so, on "opening day"  of the 2012 yard sale season, the cabinet I wanted (and it's exactly like the one I wanted!) found it's way to me at a yard sale  thrown by a lovely young lady, who had just divorced and wanted no part of the french country wall cabinet her mom had bought when she and her ex bought their first home. Cost: $20.00